Savings accounts at Pocono Medical Center Federal Credit Union earn dividends (return of investments paid directly to you the members) and are paid on the last day of each quarter.

Dividends are determined by the Board of Directors each quarter after the necessary operating expenses are paid and the legal reserves set up.  There is no set or fixed rate, as it is dependent on the earnings.  The Board of Directors also take into account the interest rates at local financial institutions when analyzing the dividend rate each quarter. 


         Regular Shares –
                  (based on average daily balance during quarter)

           Balance         $100.00+                                           0.25% A.P.R.*

         Club Accounts                                                           0.25% A.P.R.*

             (Tax, Vacation, Insurance, Miscellaneous)

         Christmas         2018                                                 0.35% A.P.R.*
                       (posted annually Sept 30)


Share secured loans:

              Length of loan                                                   Rate

               Up to 60 months                                                    1.99% A.P.R.*

Signature Loans: 

         Length of loan                                                 Rate  (check on the specials tab for monthly specials)

               12 months                                                              8.50%A.P.R.*
               13-24 months                                                        9.50% A.P.R.*
               25-48 months                                                       12.00% A.P.R.*

New Auto Loans

   We finance up to 100% of the vehicle sticker price.

               Length of Loan                                           Rate

                Up to 60 months                                            3.25% A.P.R.*
                     72 months                                                   4.00% A.P.R.*

Used Auto Loans - We finance up to 90% of the NADA Book Value

                  Age of Vehicle         A.P.R.%                    Length of Loan

                 4 YR or newer             5.50%*                         Up to 60 months
                 5 YR                              6.00%*                         Up to 48 months
                 6 YR                              7.00%*                         Up to 36 months
                 7 YR                              8.00%*                         Up to 36 months    

While you are doing your comparison shopping for a new vehicle, be sure to take a look at the 2012 fuel economy guide provided by U.S. Department of Energy at

*Rates are subject to change without notice: contact the office for current rates.